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Thread: twice a day?

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    Hi there. My dd is nearly nine months old. She will be going to day care soon as I need to get back to work. Only thing is, she refuses drinking formula or pumped bm in any which way or form. We've tried everything, she just won't have it. My question is, can she survive having her morning feed around 8:30 and then her evening feed twelve hours later at about 20:30 when she goes to bed? She has a solid lunch and a snack at around 16:00. When I'm at home she likes to have her bm with her naps in the afternoon and sometimes for the mid-morning nap too. Will she be alright with just two feedings a day? Also, any tips to help her go to sleep at the day-care? She has always fallen asleep either on my breast, in her pram or in the car. Any attempts for her to go to sleep in her crib have not been successful.
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    It's so nerve wracking, and I too worried about all of these things. My DS started daycare when he was 7 months old - 4 months ago now. He has never taken a bottle, and has never had any formula. I had many sleepness nights stressing over the issues you raised.

    With regards to naps, Peter is a lapper (a lap napper), and I always nurse him to sleep at home. I worried so much that he would not nap at daycare, however the DCP has not had a problem with it. She just puts Peter in a swing chair, and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star a couple of times, and he's out like a light! I wish I could do this at home, but no...His daycare naps are not as long as his home naps, but at least he takes them. I'm sure your LO will be fine.

    With regards to food and eating, at 9 months, BM should be your daughters primary source of nutrition. I work across the road from Peter's daycare (one of the benefits of small town living), and I never go more than 5 hours without feeding him. I think that you could pump a little milk, and get your DCP to mix it in with mashed banana or cereal to make sure she is still getting the benefits of your milk, despite not drinking it in a bottle.

    Do you anticipate that your LO will start feeding more during the night to catch up on lost calories? If so, don't be dismayed - your LO needs your BM to grow and thrive.

    Also - I think that you should start offering a cup to your LO every day. It took Peter a long time to start taking a cup, and now he's a pro (well, almost). His DCP gives him water out a little Dixie cup that she holds near his mouth. I would recommend starting to use this with your daughter, and before long she'll be able to drink your BM from a dixie cup at daycare if she needs to.

    HTH! Hang in there - it's not going to be as bad as you think, and you'll be amazed how well your LO adapts.

    ETA - Peter never has taken a nap in a crib, and they have cribs set up at daycare, but he'll only fall asleep in the swing seat, or in the stroller.
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    You might be surprised that lo will take a bottle/cup once she gets into the routine of not being bf when at day care. I bet if once she is hungry, and you're not around, day care will be able to cup feed her. Like pp said, day care will figure something out that works for sleeping. It is so stressful taking lo to daycare- and to have to worry about her eating too has to be tough. I was so worried about my son when I put him in daycare, but I was pleased at how professional, knowledgable, helpful and caring the daycare ladies were. They were really good at what they do- Good luck!

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