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Thread: Sleepy Nurser, Engorged Mom!

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    My baby is one week old and nursed great in the hospital. Since my milk has come in, however, she will only nurse for five to ten minutes on usually one side only. I was told that she needs to do at least ten minutes on one side. She seems satisfied with what she is doing, and she continues to have as many wet/dirty diapers. Since I am engorged, could it be that she is getting a lot at once? I've tried different holds, wiping her with a cool cloth, etc., but she is just sleepy!

    Just looking for reassurance as to how often to nurse (more or less frequently than every 2.5 hours) and how long nurse her on each breast (OK to do one side only or must we do both?) in order to move ahead correctly.


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    Congatulations on your new daughter, and welcome to these boards!

    Don't worry about how many minutes she spends nursing. There are more reliable ways of knowing whether she is nursing enough and getting enough milk.

    I like this kellymom.com link (not a LLL resource, although definitely reliable info) for a concise summary of how breastfeeding works best in the early weeks:


    You wrote that "she continues to have as many wet/dirty diapers." There needs to be a gradual increase over the first several days in her diaper output. Can you tell us how many wet and how many dirty diapers she has had in the past 24 hours?

    You also asked if your engorgement might be giving her a lot of milk very quickly. Usually, the risk with engorgement is that it can interfere with milk flow. If she is getting enough milk in a short time despite the engorgement, then chances are you have a little champion nursling on your hands!

    Here are some good tips for coping with engorgement, while I'm at it:



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    Thanks for your help, Rebecca.

    The baby seems to be nursing better today. She still will not do ten minutes' worth on the first breast (usually eight or nine), so I'm glad you said not to worry about time.

    I have been keeping track of her diapers and feedings since 12:00 a.m. this morning. Over the past fifteen hours, she has nursed five times with six wet diapers and three dirty diapers. According to the link you sent, this looks good (she is nine days old).

    The engorgement has subsided. I thought she may have been getting a lot of milk at once as I was soaking breast pads, and the milk was dripping out before she even latched on. Hopfully, she's getting what she needs and my body is adjusting now.

    We see the pediatrician tomorrow, so we'll see how her weight is.

    Thanks again!

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