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Thread: Is my pump giving me plugged ducts?

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    Exclamation Is my pump giving me plugged ducts?

    Hi ladies!

    I am hoping that you will be able to help me. A little info on me-my DS is fourteen weeks old, I returned to work full time at eight weeks. I have been pumping three times daily since returning to work and have experienced relatively few problems. One has arised though that is quite uncomfortable. The past few days I have been experiencing what I believe to be plugged ducts. Yesterday it was in my left breast-hurt so badly to even put my arm down. Today it is in my right breast on the underneath side. I don't know what could be causing this. I make sure to empty the breasts completely when pumping and feed DS as regular (on demand) in the evening and on weekends when we are home together. I should also mention that my pump is an ameda purely yours purchased new at the birth of my son in Feb.

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: Is my pump giving me plugged ducts?

    What kind of bra are you wearing to work? Although I have never had a problem with them, it is my understanding that underwire bras can contribute to clogged ducts. Just a thought...

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    Smile Re: Is my pump giving me plugged ducts?

    I know it is very painful - stress usually causes clogged ducts for me, I guess where I am not able to have as good of a milk flow while I am pumping at work. The only way I have found to unclog the duct (for me anyway) is to take a hot bath or shower and massage the breast. Also, this sounds gross, but I usually have a white dot where the clogged duct is, and if you can work that out (basically pushing on it like you are popping a pimple) that has worked too. If it does work you will want to be at a tub or sink, because for me I shot a stream of BM about 4 feet for 1-2 minutes after I got mine out. I wish someone had told me that when I had my first two clogged ducts - it would have saved me alot of pain. So I hope that maybe is something you haven't heard and it can help you.

    Good luck,


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    I get plugged ducts a lot! I get plenty of rest (or as much as you can with a 13 week old), I don’t feel stressed, my bra’s aren’t too tight … all of the things that you read that cause plugged ducts do not pertain to me. After searching for an answer I found that, for no apparent reason, some women are just prone to plugged ducts.

    What has really helped me is to take a shower the second I even think I am getting a plugged duct. We have a shower massager, so I put that on a hard pulsating stream and hold it to my breast going from the outside of the breast (often under the arm) toward the nipple. After I have had a long shower I immediately breastfeed on the side with the problem. If I can’t shower, I have these breast therapy things that you pop in the microwave and then slip inside your bra. I do that for 10 minutes or so and then nurse on that side.

    The other thing that has really helped me is making SURE I drink a lot of water, at least 64 ounces a day. I find that if I fall below that that I tend to get more plugged ducts.

    See also my first post on this same subject, because other people gave me some great advice: http://lalecheleague.org/vbulletin/s...ead.php?t=2261
    Good Luck!

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    Ok, call me crazy, but this really works....
    I too suffer from plugged ducts, cause the pump just doesn't extract milk the same way as my little girl does. So, if you have a plugged duct, nurse your child, placing him/her in a position so that the tongue is on the side of the breast that is sore. I.E. this week my left breast had a plugged duct, the whole side of my breast on the armpit side was terrible! So I sat on the couch and laid her on a pillow on my left side and nursed her football style. It worked great! Just remember that the tongue has to be placed on the painful side. You can also lay baby down on the floor and you get on all fours and place yourself that way.
    Hope that helps!
    OK, funny part is that this was my husbands idea, he had read somewhere how you handle plugged ducts.....

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