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Thread: Problems...suck swallow and breathe

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    Default Problems...suck swallow and breathe

    Brayden is doing great with trying to breastfeed, but we have some issues. The feeding tube is out, but yet when i nurse milk is drooling out of the corners of the mouth. He doesn't have/keep a tight seal. The nurse says it's not nipple confusion but that he is a preemie and just needs to learn. He is constantly falling asleep at the breast...another preemie issue.

    He also sucks...sucks...sucks..forgets to swallow and then just breathes and bm comes out of his nose and he gags. I am constantly having to suction him.

    Is this just something that will resolve with time?

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    Mason had some issues with this. I had to use a nipple shield for a couple of months, and it always seemed like he was getting more on him (and me) than in him. Watching him choke was really hard. It does get better. By letting the milk dribble out, he is better able to control the flow of what is going in, it does take practice though. I also started to change my nursing position (due to OALD) and I really think that it helped him better control how much he took in to his mouth. (We used the down under position.)

    I still am cautious when he eats, because it seems like he gags on everything, but it does seem to be getting better.

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    my son has problems with the whole breathing/eating thing- he went blue a few times when i was nursing him so i propped him up more when i fed him or used the cradle/football (can't remember the name) hold. they do grow out of it... well, kind of my son is almost 8 months and struggles sometimes- very rarely with it- but he did grow out of it.

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