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Thread: 6.5 months and solids

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    Default 6.5 months and solids

    Well we started my son on solids a few weeks back and he is taking them twice a day. He has never slept very well but just this weekend we started giving him a paci when he woke instead of nursing and he would go right back out! WOOHOO finally sleep for me. I work full time and pump for him. Well that is a little background.

    To my question, he nurses first thing in the morning, goes to daycare and has morning solids, takes two 7 oz bottles of bm at daycare, and comes home nurses for a bit and eats evening solids, then nurses before bed. I pump twice at work for him. My supply has lowered since we stopped giving him those night feedings. I have never had a problem producing enough for him but I am worried now. Is this the beginning of the end for me breastfeeding? I really don't have any more time to pump and don't want to have to get up at night to do it either. Any suggestions.

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    My baby is the same age and on a VERY similar schedule to yours. As long as you can make the 2 bottles for Daycare (can you still?) I woudln't worry about it.

    I consider myself lucky as well to have never had a problem with supply, but even I have days where it seems slightly off. A think a bit of variation is normal once you're doing solids.

    Good Luck!

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