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Thread: Microwaving cow milk?

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    Thanks for the help. The vitamin D is like cream! (I don't drink cow's milk so I forget the taste, smell, and thickness... Eughh) She did not like it. I tried watering it down slightly and nuking it for a short bit, and then she drank it.

    I'm not worried about the "hot spots" since I've always microwaved all her fluids (except any EBM) ... I just do it for a few seconds to take off the cold, not even make it warm. Then I test it with my finger to ensure it isn't hot somewhere in the depths, then I shake and swirl it. I just wanted to make sure the nuking won't harm or spoil the milk.

    Anybody know how many ounces of cow milk a 12 month old should have in a day?

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    If I remember right it's no more than 24 ounces. At some point the max becomes 16 ounces. You want to limit it because it's filling and will take up room for other good food, and also can interfere with iron absorption. So I guess it's good that she likes it watered down. If breastfeeding, I would not worry about a minimum, since your milk is superior to the cow's anyway. If not breastfeeding, the fat is pretty important for brain development.

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