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    I am watching a 3 month old during the day in my home. My son is 7 months and never used a paci. But lo I watch does. The problem is he can't keep it in his mouth. He is not happy without it especially if he is tired. I feel like I am trying to hold the paci in his mouth all day. What can I do to appease him without holding the paci in his mouth?
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    Do the 3 month old's parents hold it in for him as well? Maybe they have a trick they forgot to tell you about. I know some people who have used a blanket to try to keep it in their LO's mouth. We help DD2 with her's at times, but only if she's trying to fall to sleep and wanting it. The rest of the time she's usually able to hold it in herself.

    One thing our LO likes is chewing on a clean cloth, that works well when she's having a hard time with the paci while she's awake and just wanting to suck on something. With DH's cousin's twins - one took a paci, the other had her own wash cloths that she chewed on.


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    My DD was like that too, the paci kept falling out of her mouth and she would get so mad. She eventually got to the point where she could keep it in her mouth by herself. Until then, we just kept popping it back in for her . I am not for sure what else you can do if the baby needs something to suck on. I assume you are not able to distract him with something else? Good Luck.
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