I have been pumping for 4 months, very successfully (with ups and downs of course), 2-3 times/day 4-5 days per week. I have the Ameda PY. We came down with the stomach flu last Wednesday and I have not felt a letdown (and subsequently gotten no milk) while pumping since then. I tried to pump the day we were sick b/c I took the baby to the sitter's, and couldn't get one. So...I went to the sitters to feed her cuz I was totally paranoid about my supply. Then I tried to pump on Thurs to no avail. I am off Fri-Mon and tried to pump once on Mon, with no letdown, and thus no milk. I tried again, 5 times today and got nothing--a tiny bit of milk with no letdown. What is going on? Is it me or could it be the pump? Do I need a new pump? I am totally freaking out--I have a tendency to obsess when things go wrong and I know that makes letdown worse. But this morning I was totally relaxed when I started and nothing happened. Arghhhh...I want to be a SAHM!!!