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Thread: Antibiotics change breastmilk taste?

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    Default Antibiotics change breastmilk taste?

    I was just diagnosed with mastitis today and have been put on a course of antibiotics. The problem is that when I tried to nurse my DD this evening, she fussed and kept pulling off the breast, although she was clearly hungry as she was still rooting. Eventually, she was getting so frustrated that she was crying everytime she pulled off the breast. I dont think it is the mastitis that is the problem as she is pulling off the other breast too.

    Does anyone know if the antibiotics could change the taste of breastmilk? Please help!!

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    Default Re: Antibiotics change breastmilk taste?

    could baby have thursh?
    than can cause them to pull off..

    sometimes masistius can cause the breast to be hard and that makes it harder for the baby to latch on.
    Hand expressing some untill the breast is softer will help.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics change breastmilk taste?

    I just got out of the hospital on Saturday, after being in excrutiating pain for about a week, I finally went to the hospital when my fever got to 102.9 and I seriously thought I was going to DIE. It was after all MASTITIS...its a scary thing, and is so miserable. I know how you feel. I could not have my one week old baby with me either!!

    I was in the hospital 2 days and the first night I got 3 serious of shots of Rocephin and then started on and IV and had different anitbiotics pushed along with fluid every 3-4 hours for the remainder of the 2 days. Talk about ALOT of antibiotics. I was afraid I would get a yeast infection or the baby would end up with thrush. So far nothing has happenend.

    My little one hasnt had any problems nursing since I have been home. I dont think they would change the taste becuase I had alot and she has not showed any signs of dislike or difference.

    I hope you get all better soon, I know it is a very frustrating thing to go through, and very painful. Stick with it girl. Just remember to drink LOTS and LOTS of water, that will help the antibiotics to clear out faster. Good luck!!

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