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Thread: Starting "O"'s

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    We started DS on Cheerios at about 8 mos. He had two teeth at the time. At first he put them in his mouth and spit them out -- he really didn't like them. He really enjoys eating his "O"s now, although he still really just gums them. I think he "choked" (not as in couldn't breathe -- he kind of gagged and coughed) on them the first couple times he swallowed them, but he has it down now.

    I take them with us whenever we go out because it's easy to feed him anywhere. I find them especially helpful when we're at a restaurant because, as pp stated, it keeps him busy and happy.

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    Thanks for all the feedback! My son is about 6.5 months and his two bottom teeth came in about 2 weeks ago...he's managed to gum down a few "O's" with no huge complications, but those puffs sound like a good alternative.


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    We tried soaking "o's" for a bit in some milk (bm) before giving them to Aaron at that age. They weren't soggy, just a touch softer. HE didn't have his first tooth until 8.5mo though, so we were a bit nervous. I second DJ's mom with the entertainment value. They're great when you're out, too.

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    We feed organic O's that are just plain oats in the Cheerios shape. Nothing else added. As for disolving...they do not disolve as quick as real Cheerios but my LO swallows them whole (and I choke every day when I take a mini-pill) so it would not matter. The ones we get are high in fiber too which helps her on the other end.
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