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Thread: Moving baby to her own room

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    Default Moving baby to her own room

    My daughter just turned 11months. I'm a teacher and will be done for the summer in a few days. My daughter has always slept in the same room as we do, sometimes in her crib and sometimes in our bed. I have very mixed feelings about moving her into her own room this summer. I plan to continue to nurse as long as she wants. I've noticed that I have trouble falling asleep when she's already asleep in her crib and I will toss and turn until she wakes up to nurse again. Once she's in our bed nursing I can fall asleep and will sometime leave her in the bed or put her back in the crib when she's done. I'm not sure about making the transition to her sleeping in her crib in her room. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Moving baby to her own room

    Hi momma2bre!

    Sleeping arrangements are as varied as families!

    It sounds like you are having trouble falling asleep while you are waiting for her to wake up for the first time at night, but then after you nurse her you are able to relax and fall asleep (sometimes with her beside you or sometimes with her back in her crib).

    Are considering moving your daughter to another room because you think you should or are you wondering if you will sleep better if she is in another room?

    Maybe you would be interested in one of these books that discuss different sleeping arrangements?

    Sleeping Like a Baby?


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