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Thread: Acid Reflux???

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    Default Acid Reflux???

    I am wondering if Clayton has acid reflux, but I am wondering what are some of the symptoms, especially subtle ones. He gags out of no where, and sometimes works his mouth like he's chomping something. Also he will have burps that sound "wet" even though there is no spit up coming out. Just curious if this may be making him a little extra fussy, it seems like he fusses quite a bit. Or maybe its something else completely, just trying to make my baby happier. Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Acid Reflux???

    My dd has reflux. Is your ds fussy while eating -- i.e. does he arch his back and pull off constantly while eating? Does he vomit or just spit up?

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    Default Re: Acid Reflux???

    Here are some of the symptoms of Reflux:

    There are many different symptoms of GER. Your child may only have a few of these symptoms. The most common symptoms include:

    -pain, irritability, constant or sudden crying, "colic"
    -frequent spitting-up or vomiting
    -vomiting or spitting-up more than one hour after eating
    -not outgrowing the spitting-up stage
    -refusing food or accepting only a few bites besides being hungry
    -poor sleep habits, frequent waking
    -"wet burp" or "wet hiccup" sounds
    -bad breath

    If Clayton has reflux, one of the easiest ways to tell is to smell his breath after spitting up or having "wet burps". If it smells like stomach acid or vomit, then it is usually reflux.

    Some of the things that helped us were inclining the mattresses in the kids cribs. Keeping them upright for about 20 min after nursing. Burping frequently during nursing (every 3-5 min). And lastly, we were saved by the baby swings (like in pp). Our two usually spent part of the night in the swings when the reflux was bad.

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    Default Re: Acid Reflux???

    Here is a reflux link. Hope it helps


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