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Thread: oversupply/oald block feeding help needed!

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    Default oversupply/oald block feeding help needed!

    good morning! I have a question about over supply and oald. I am trying this block feeding method to reduce my supply, currently on two hour block feeds, and looking to increase to three. my problem is this: I am also prone to blocked ducts and want to avoid them at all costs. my lo is sleeping well at night and goes from 11-6 most nights, which is great but when I wake in the morning I am full and close to engorged.
    is it OK to feed my LO on the one side for two hours and to express from the other to relieve the pressure? or should I reduce my block feeds to one hour in the morning? I want to make sure I keep up with reducing my supply but also not becoming engorged.

    any help greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: oversupply/oald block feeding help needed!

    You might find that it helps to continue with the block feeding on the nursing side, and express *just enough* for comfort on the non-nursing side. If you find that you need to express again within the block, that's okay. Espressing *just enough* for comfort will help prevent plugged ducts/mastitis while not increasing your overall milk production.

    Here's a helpful resource:


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