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Thread: 17week old baby

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    Default 17week old baby

    hi everyone

    i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer suggestions to help my friend who has a 17week old daughter(annabell-she is gorgeous)!
    my friend aims for 100% breastfeeding,but is finding that her daughter is only gaining 2oz per week despite feeding very often.

    her health visitor is very concerned and suggested supplementing with formula,which annabell rejected.the health visitor then suggested beginning solids(baby rice),which annabell ate but it later gave her tummy pain.

    my friend is worried and unhappy with the situation.i have given her local LLL Leaders details and suggested doing less(as she is very busy with 2 other young children) to try to make time for nursing/napping that she might improve her milk supply.

    does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: 17week old baby

    2 oz a week seems fine to me for the baby being 4 months old . . . How is diaper output w/ exclusive nursing? If there are plenty of poopy/wet diapers, then I would think nursing is working out just great! Is baby thriving?

    My 21 mo DD is a teeny tiny LO . . . at 4 months she was barely back to birth weight and has gained super slowly ever since. She was however thriving and wetting/pooping normally.

    Nursing the baby on demand (whenever baby asks for milk) is the best way to make sure the mama is nursing enough I'm not from the UK, so I don't really know what role health visitors play, but from what I've read from some other posts is that some HVs have been pushing formula lately.

    Definitely get her in touch w/ her local LLL leader or a lactation consultant if she's worried about milk supply. What a great friend you are!!! Good luck

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    Default Re: 17week old baby

    Babies don't gain weight steadily every week. They rather grow through growth spurts. That's why they should not be weighed every week. 2 oz per week at 4 months would be a bit low but I wouldn't consider it important at this point. When the baby is weighed at 6 months (especially after the 6 months growth spurt), I'm sure her weight gain between 4-6 months will be higher than 2 oz per week if her diaper output throughout this time is above 5-6 wet diapers per day and she is content with the milk intake. I will suggest nursing more often as it will increase her supply. Solids at this point will actually hurt the weight gain since the solids a 4 month-old can tolerate has fewer calories than BM.

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    Default Re: 17week old baby

    If your friend gives baby formula, it will reduce her milk supply, as it messes with the whole supply and demand thing.

    If she gives her baby rice, her stomach will be full for longer so she will not want as much milk, again reducing the supply. Baby rice also has far fewer calories in it than milk and at that age it is likely that she won't be able to digest solids anyway.

    A HV really should know better than to suggest solids at that age - you're not supposed to feed solids until 6 months. And a lot of them just do not know about BFing.

    I would suggest she seeks help from a breast feeding councillor. There may be one connected with her HVs - there is in my area and she is very good, really helped me. Or the LLL as you suggested.

    She should put baby to boob as often as possible and for as long as possible to increase her supply. Plenty of skin-to-skin, co-bathing and co-sleeping/napping. Even comfort sucking will increase milk. As she has other children it's well worth her getting a sling and feeding baby in that.

    Also - what colour are her poos? If they are green it's likely that she's getting too much watery foremilk - so mum should work on her latching on and do some compression to get more of the fatty hindmilk into baby. This worked for me.

    Or it may just be that that is her level of weight gain. The charts were divised for FFed babies. My DS is right down the bottom of the charts and HVs have frequently commented that he is slow to gain, but he is happy, active and healthy and wees for Britain!

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    Default Re: 17week old baby

    breast compressions can help with weight gain.

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    Default Re: 17week old baby

    2 oz a week is NOT bad at that age.

    My daughter was 8.2 at brith and at 7 months weighs 13.10. She's just naturally petite but eats like a PIG!

    As long as she is developmentally normal why worry??

    Good luck!!

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