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Thread: what if she wants "snacks"?

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    Default what if she wants "snacks"?

    DD just woke from a short nap (shes a week old) after nursing a half hour ago and wanted to eat again. I gave her my right breast and she ate for 5 min and thats it, she had no interest in the left breast afterwards. wat do i do in a situation like this? do all babies do this? wat breast do i start with next feeding? Last feeding, before the snakc, i finished with the breast she snacked on, as she only took it for about 5 minutes, whereas the other breast she had been on for 15.

    any advice?

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    Default Re: what if she wants "snacks"?

    Snacks are good! Her stomach is really tiny, breastmilk is absorbed/digested very quickly, and she's growing fast -- she's going to need to eat more frequently some days than others. It sounds like you're doing a great job following her cues and nursing when she lets you know she needs to nurse.

    Nursing is also about a lot more than just satisfying hunger, so even if she just ate, if you think she wants to nurse, go ahead and nurse. It can't do any harm and will do lots of good as you establish your milk supply and your breastfeeding relationship.

    I wouldn't worry about how many minutes she spends per breast -- that may vary wildly depending on the baby and her age/appetite/temperament. If you fed only on the right breast last feeding, then start with the left breast next feeding; offer the other breast after she finishes the first, but don't stress if she doesn't want it. Eventually, as she gets older and your body adjusts to milk-making, you won't need to worry about which breast to offer first.


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    My daughter does the same thing. She did it as a newborn and still occasionally now. She's 11 months old. Use the same breast she took the "snack" from. Good luck and congrats on your new baby.

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