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    DD is having a solid food strike atm! I am trying not to be concerned about it and think she might be bored of her food. Her weight has stayed the same the last 5 weeks and she's been fighting off a bad cold during this time too. So, I am trying to introduce more finger foods to keep things interesting and hopefully make her interested in participating in food again. She turned her nose up at toast - just played with it. She likes fruit, which we do once a day (usually peach or banana). I had thought of cheerios, but they are too full of sugar here in the UK. What are others giving as an introduction to finger foods? She does have a milk intolerance, so I feel a little limited by that. I also try to keep food colorful and visually/texturally interesting for her as she has some sight problems. Any suggestions?

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    Steamed carrots, apples, green beans, squash(lots of fun colors)

    chex mix cereal, whole wheat pasta, grahm crackers

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    Baked sweet potato cut into squares, steamed zucchini or broccoli tops cut up small (these are favorites of my 10-mo-old). Whole grain waffles with a little butter are also a big hit with her.

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