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Thread: clicking noises, dimpling, sliding off

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    Default clicking noises, dimpling, sliding off

    My DD is gaining well, but she has from the start been making clicking noises while BF and sometimes she can easily slide off the nipple. I have been trying my best to work on a good latch and get her to open wide, but it doesn't seem to help. I do have OALD, and usually pull her off when the milk lets down for a moment or two and then put her back on. I also have some nipple pain, but it's not terrible. I have read so many different things about what this "might" be - but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what worked for them?

    This is my second and I also have concerns about the milk supply - first time I was REALLY engorged and leaked all the time. This time is more mellow - which is great, but I am wondering if it could be related to a poor milk supply from the issue I am having with the latch.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!!

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    Default Re: clicking noises, dimpling, sliding off

    My daughter did the clicking, slipping to the end of the nipple, and chomping down (which caused the pain). She still does this when she has a cold. I found it was just her latch. The more tired she is the more she slips down to the nipple instead of latching on correctly. It took about a week of pulling her off every time she slipped down for her to stop doing it the first time. Now it only takes pulling her off a time or two until she latches correctly again.
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