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Thread: Thank you !!!

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    I just wanted to thank all the women out there who were supportive in the past 6 months - after having a near term baby who was too weak to latch, pumping for 6 weeks, while taking him to occupational therapists (he was tongue tied and had a tight frenulum and we had his tongue clipped twice), lactation consultants for 6 weeks, we were able to get him to finally nurse. After using supplemental systems this was a relief.

    On top of that, between mastitis, clogged ducts, thrush (my LO), breast candida (which I had for 4.5 months and have tried everything out there) I didn't know if I was going to make my 6 months goal.

    I've been now pain/yeast free for over a month (although I've had to completely eliminate all sugars and processed foods - I will say I'm healthier than ever and thinner than ever!) and am really loving the nursing process.

    Thank you everyone who's been there and supported me through these past 6 months - hopefully I can keep going - although we're trying to conceive again and it will be interesting to see how the nursing goes if I am blessed again!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! Sorry so late...haven't been on these posts in a while because we've been problem free-yipee!

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