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Thread: Not a Breastfeeding Issue, but...

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    My LO has started doing that just recently and he's 10mos I just keep driving until he falls asleep he usually does both mine fall asleep on car rides when they r tired, but i try to keep toys in the car.

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    Yeah, my LO screamed his head off in his car seat until he was around 4 or 5 months of age. My husband and I were like WTF? I thought they were supposed to love the car seat, nope!

    Our son is a pretty high needs little guy, so from reading the "Happiest Baby on the Block" we transferred some of those tips to the car. We turned the radio loud to static, that calmed him as well as all the Christian rock stations for some reason. (We usually listen to NPR non-stop so that was an interesting change.) We also put a blanket or really soft toy for him to hold and rub. Sometimes one of us would just sit in back with him too. It will get better but it will take some time. Now he's fine and no worse for the wear.

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    We're still going through this! You have my sympathy. We do short trips and try to get DS as happy as possible before we leave. Clean diaper, well fed and well rested. We used to try to put him in the car sleepy because our daughter always fell asleep in the car but DS just won't sleep there so we don't go out at naptimes if we can help it. Good luck! Hope your LO gets over the car-hate faster than mine!
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    OMG I had the same problem with my DS until a few weeks ago and he is 8 months now. He is gold as gold now in the car seat. I do have to play a certain song by Gwen Stephani though! It calms him down every time he hears it.
    I was to the point I would not take him out unless I really had to. It is so terrible to drive with a screaming baby! So I feel for you. Hope your LO gets better in the car.

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    Thank you soooo much for all of your responses. Good suggestions, and I will try the cracking of the window and possibly moving him to his Britax that is collecting dust in the garage. Even though there may not be any real solutions, it helps to hear from you...I don't feel so alone in all of this!
    My mom actually suggested putting his favorite toy in the car with him, it's the baby einstein star that lights up on his activity mat. We're thinking of rigging it to the headrest so he can see it. But the mirror/toy is soemthing worth looking in to so I don't have to move the star every time I take him for a ride. I'll let you all know if anything works, we are planning to go out this afternoon!!!
    I feel so much more optimistic now...Wish me luck!

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