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Thread: My stubborn LO

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    Default My stubborn LO

    My LO loves her sippy cups and nuby cups, but refuses to drink milk from them. If she drinks and tastes milk, she'll throw it down. We've been doing this for a while. She will only drink milk from a bottle. She'll whine and throw a fit wanting milk, and it only ends if she gets the bottle. My DH said that if she gets hungry enough for it she'll drink from her sippy or nuby cup, but she has outlasted me so far. That is easy for him to say when he is at work and I am at home with her.

    She has a tendency to throw her cups down when she is finished, so I've never used a regular cup with no top. I didn't want that mess to clean up. Milk is nasty to clean off of carpet or rugs.

    Any ideas on how to get this stubborn little woman to change her ways? She is WAY too big for a bottle IMO.
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    If I were in your position, I would back off for a while and then retry. She is asserting her independence and I would bet that you are going to both end up frustrated. At the end of the day is it that big of a deal? Is she starting kindergarten tomorrow? At least she is still drinking the milk, right? Not drinking it at all would seem to me to be a big deal. Give her some space and she will probably come around

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    I'm actually in the same position with my son. He's only 19 months old but he has, up to this point, refused to drink milk from anything but a bottle. He'll make a face as if it tastes bad when he gets it from any other type of container. I'm working with my daycare provider since he is in a real monkey stage and we're hoping that if he sees the other children drinking it from a glass that maybe he'll start too. So far it hasn't worked. We haven't really decided what to do about it yet as he is still pretty young.

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