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Thread: consensus on storage bags vs bottles?

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    Default Re: consensus on storage bags vs bottles?

    I don't like the idea of the bags sitting in the landfill BUT they are great for warming up milk quickly. Sometimes, I even put formula in them and put them in a warm bowl of water so that it can be nice and warm when my LO drinks it. I had a bad experience with bottle warms and don't like the idea of heating up plastic - although I'm sure to use non-polycarbonate bottles.

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    Default Re: consensus on storage bags vs bottles?

    I pump into bottles, then freeze in bags. I like the First Years bags. No problems with freezer burn. Goodluck!

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    im a donor. The original consensus was that plastic bottles were the way to go, and so we all had to freeze in them. But they took up more space and longer to defrost.
    Now theyre on plastic bags, for the same reasons (space,mdefrost time) and everyone is happier, except the people who dont want to transfer.The bags are usually sterilized too which is nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandila View Post
    But I just switched to the Lansinoh brand, so we'll see how it goes . . . .
    These are what I use, and I love them. I'm running out of room though and didn't know what to do until I noticed that a pp says she freezes them flat...can't do that w/Platex bags, but you can with the Lansinoh.
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    I used lansinoh bags at first, but they got pricey but mostly my issue was that they would sometimes "crack" from having been frozen...the cracks were small so you didn't notice them until the milk was thawing and would leak! And as you know, that stuff is liquid gold! My daycare "wasted" three bags worth of bm...and I found by internet research that this is a common issue wth the bags...SO I now use the VIA storage system. MUCH better. I pump right into the cups, pop them in the freezer, and it's great! Only issue is that you have to be really careful to get the tops on right or they will leak. No issues with freezer burn, but they don't sit in the freezer for more than a few days...

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