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Thread: Recommendations for soy products?

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    Smile Recommendations for soy products?

    Our little guy turns one next week. We discovered that he has a severe milk allergy when we tried giving him yogurt. He does fine with soy.

    We would like to introduce him to some more soy products (like soy cheese, etc) but I don't have any experience with them and have no idea what brands are the best.

    Can anyone recommend some good soy brands for cheese, tofu, etc? We shop at Whole Foods and a regular supermarket. Also what is a good brand of soy milk, as we anticipate that we will wean him onto that very soon.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Recommendations for soy products?

    are you totaly against nursing longer?
    As long as toddler is nursing 3-4 times in 24 hours they don't need any extra milk, cow's milk or soy milk...
    Kelly moms has some good info on milks:

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    Default Re: Recommendations for soy products?

    DS is allergic to cow's dairy, and our ped allergist recommended we use the Stage 2 soy formula when he turns 1 year (instead of whole milk or regular soy milk).

    We use the regular soy formula now with no problems. I haven't tried any of the other soy products you asked about (cheese, etc), so hopefully someone else will chime in. I'm curious about this, too.
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