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Thread: He's found his feet!!

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    Default He's found his feet!!

    For the past few weeks Logan has been swatting at me with his free hand while we nurse, I don't think he can really control his arms too much right now. I've solved the problem by holding his hand until he's a bit more calm and then he stops.


    Recently he's found his feet! We nurse laying down most times and he has taken to kicking me as hard as possible and pushing away from me while nursing with his legs. I have to basically straighten out my body so its not touching his so he can kick, but now that he's bigger he can reach me and still push away.

    Anyone have ideas for this? It's pretty frustrating.

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    Default Re: He's found his feet!!

    Sometimes we have to swaddle our little girl to feed her.

    I give her BM in a bottle, and she loves to put her hands on the bottle... but she doesn't have the control yet and often pushes it out of her mouth.
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    Default Re: He's found his feet!!

    My DS has just started kicking while feeding, as well. I thought we had the acrobatic arms under control...but the kicking...that's a new thing.

    I do notice, if I let his arms do what he likes (without letting him hit himself of me), the kicking seems to be a bit less. Also, sometimes it helps if he has a ring (those little hard ones that are almost like a big bracelet for him) to hold onto during feeding as a distraction.

    I'll be interested to hear what solutions folks have come up with, as well.

    I thought of swaddling (his legs at least) too, but unfortunately DS seems to have outgrown any joy from being swaddled...so that isn't an option for us....b/c now swaddling = screaming (let me outta here )

    Come on experienced Moms, give us the low down on how to keep the kicking down.........plllllllllllllllease
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