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Thread: 33.2 weeks and need to vent

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    Congratulations! Keep in mind the power of those hormonally induced emotional swings. You're in the middle of it now. You need time to recover from the C-Section physically too. It can be overwhelming. The Oxycodone will probably diminish your milk flow, make you constipated and can irritate your stomach (it is codeine based); but one thing I remember very well is to KEEP ON BREASTFEEDING! Do not give up! When my son was 4 months old I needed surgery. I was on morphine and it completely stopped all my milk. My son was at home being fed a bottle (yes, of that commercially prepared crap) and I was beside myself. I restarted breastfeeding when I got home 2 weeks later, even though I was dry. I used cloth diapers then to be sure he was hydrated, & had to feed him formula after our 10 minutes on each (dry) side. Then four days later, POW! I let down and nearly flooded the place. It was amazing. I went on to breastfeed sucessfully for years.
    Remember, you can't ride two horses with one behind. You are not recovering from a vaginal delivery this time; you are recovering from abdominal surgery! It is a LOT harder!! (I know; I'm an RN.) See if there is someone from your local La Leche that you can talk to - these women were the glue that held me together, especially because I have no mother and my mother-in-law believes breastfeeding is "perverted" (??!!) Take what time you need to physically recover - the hospital won't let you languish or linger if you don't need to be there!
    Relax, recover and keep on breastfeeding!
    PS - my mother-in-law is also an idiot

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    You all are such lifesavers. I saw my little guy today and he has improved so much in a few short days. It's just amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epbrown View Post

    I don't have any great advice about the situation with your other children, but in my opinion, your newborn is sick and your other children are not. They are confused, yes, and they miss their mommy, but they are not sick. Your newborn needs you...if you can work it out to stay close to him, that's what I would do (and it would be very hard for me to leave my toddler!!!). I think that illness trumps other needs.

    good luck to you and congrats on your sweet baby boy.
    My name is Rosie and I'm a mother to 3 girls and 2 boys

    My girls:Janessa 10.30.93, Reanna 03.25.99 and Mylee 09.20.06
    My sons, Isaiah 07.16.97 and Shawn 09.12.08

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    My son was born full term, but ended up in the NICU after his first b/fing experience due to the fact that he began to vomit fecal matter. He was rushed to the NICU of the hospital where he was born, and I was told I could NOT feed him ANYTHING. HOurs later, he was rushed to the children's hospital an hour away from home and admitted to their nicu where he spent the next two weeks, and underwent a 6 hour operation to repair his lower bowel. This is my second child, and my older son was 16 months old when this happened. It was chaos! I couldn't be in both places at once, and so either way, one child who needed me was missing out a bit. The compromise? I had DH bring my toddler to the NICU and we'd switch off every few hours. So I'd get to see both kids each day. We'd both come home for the night and go through the usual routine to get our son to sleep... then someone would arrive and babysit for us, while we returned to the NICU.

    I didn't b/f my older son because milk NEVER came in at all. This time, I was determined to b/f and was crushed when 5 days passed, and they wouldn't let me feed my newborn even a drop of breast, or bottle! It was horrifying! When they finally allowed me to feed him, I had to fight with nurses who preferred to keep me in the waiting room while they bottle fed him, and this caused nipple confusion. I even had one nurse attempt to REFUSE to allow me to hold my son... without medical reason!! It was a total nightmare.

    I didn't have a c-section... but I did have to pump, and still do thanks to nipple confusion that has ruined b/fing. I kinda wished now that I had opted to have a feeding tube inserted to avoid bottles completely. But... we didn't do that because we wanted someone to have to hold him to feed him -- at least then I knew he'd still get some human contact when I wasn't there to try breastfeeding.

    What helped with pumping:
    - pumped while gazing at my son
    - pumped at home with pictures and video of my son in the NICU.
    - envisioned waterfalls of milk flowing out of me
    - fenugreek and blessed thistle for the first few weeks, now on domperidone to ensure milk production.
    - latching at every opportunity -- he won't eat from the breast per say at this point (had been finally doing it at 8 weeks... got sick again, wasn't allowed to eat for 19 hours again... and is not taking breast at the moment).
    - Kangaroo care. HOld your baby skin to skin every chance you get. I know he is premie and this is hard right now... especially if he gets over stimulated... but it DOES get easier!
    - I was allowed to bath my son at the NICU (again, he was full term)... so I did that. Normal interactions as often as possible helped a ton.

    Good luck. I know this is very hard right now. OOOhhh about the other kids... at our hospital, toddlers were allowed to visit providing they were not sick. Ask if this is allowed where you're staying. Good luck.

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    You are in such a difficult situation. You can make it. I went into labor at 30 weeks and was hospitalized until the twins were born at 35 weeks. Fortunately, they were big and did well, so we didn't have to do the NICU stuff. As far as the milk, though, that was a struggle for me. They were preemies and the milk took awhile. I spent 5 days nursing every 2 hours and pumping for 20 minutes afterwards before the milk came in. I later learned that premature birth and the meds I was on caused the situation. Everything worked out, but it was a long road. Keep it up. You can make it. Your daughters may need you, but this baby needs you more right now. This is temporary. The more you are near your baby and able to take care of yourself, the better the outcome will be. As your little one gets stronger, you can be with your other kids more.
    You're doing a great job!
    Mommie to big sister Eszter, and twinnies Sophia and Josiah

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    Default Re: 33.2 weeks and need to vent

    Quote Originally Posted by poulinsj View Post
    You all are such lifesavers. I saw my little guy today and he has improved so much in a few short days. It's just amazing.
    I'm seeing this post late so first off, Congratulations! It's great to hear that your little man is doing better!

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