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    hello everyone, my LO is 6 month and 20 days old and i started giving him apple juice at the age of 6 month, i was wondering if i can give my baby pear juice at this age. is it safe to do so?

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    I think it is safe, but I would only give juice in moderation. I really only give my LO pear juice or any other juice when he is constipated. Pear juice works wonders for him.
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    I did not give my LO any juice until he was at least 12mo old. Then I mixed a teeny bit with water on occasion..a treat if you will. It has alot of sugar. BM and a little water on extremely hot days is really the only need up to 12mo of age. Just one Mom's opinion.
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    u can if u want but most pedi's would tell to stick w/ BM or water but if constipated pear or apple juice will work great... I had to keep trying with my 11month old when I started introducing other things into his diet. but he eventually got that he can drink other stuff than just BM LOL

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    I actually started with pear juice instead of apple because I thought it sounded yummy . I started mine on juice very young because of constipation (in moderation of course)...probably only a couple of months old. If you feel uneasy about it, just call the doc and ask.

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