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    Hello everyone, I just had my first baby about 6 days ago now and ever since the beginning he had real difficulty trying to latch on and in spite of everyone telling me that all new babies have to learn and that it will be difficult in the beginning, I really didn't want to give my baby formula, so my husband and I talked it over and we rented a hospital grade breast pump. I am still trying to get him to learn to latch on with no avail, but we are still trying and have the pumped breast milk available. This is not my problem however

    My problems is that I seem to have developed some little clear bumps on my right nipple, they are not sore, and they do not produce any milk so I don't think they are ducts and they seem to become more pronounced after pumping. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? What did you do if you have? I have to go and see my OB on Friday and was planning on asking her about it. I also have an appointment with my baby's pediatrician's lactation consultant, but that is a few days away, should I call her and discuss the problem with her? Should I call my primary?

    Any advice anyone could give me would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone

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    I do not have any experience with this but one thought I had was whether the flanges are the right size or not. Maybe you need a different size?

    It probably would not hurt to go ahead and give the LC a call to see what she thinks. Congrats on the new baby!
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    since your not in pain thats a good thing!
    the sound like blisters but blisters would hurt like the dickens....
    could be just a skin thing, sometimes the skin will come off and thats ok. Don't mess with it just leave it alone.

    heres a link about blisters or blebs..

    healing tips for cracks:

    is the baby nursing any at the breast?
    how to pump to establish supply for baby

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