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Thread: weaning from SNS

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    Default weaning from SNS

    My son was born 5 1/2 weeks early and lost weight and had jaundice. We ended up supplementing with both pumped breastmilk and some formula. I supplemented using an SNS. I used the largest sized tubing to make things easier for him (at the advice of the pediatrician). The only bottle he's ever had (3 times in almost 4 weeks) is the Adiri breastbottle nurser. He's never had a regular bottle or a pacifier.

    Yesterday I tried to downsize to the medium tubing and at one feeding I tried to downsize to the small SNS tubing. Both times he took very little supplement and he was exhausted by the end of the feeding (gasping for breath, red swollen eyes).

    He's back up to birthweight but still in the lower percentiles. The thing is, my older daughter got "hooked" on the SNS flow and wouldn't nurse without it and it was a full year of SNS he11.

    Has anyone on here successfully weaned from the SNS?

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    Default Re: weaning from SNS

    yeah its possiable are you working with a Lc?
    OR your local LLL leader?
    how much suppliment is he normaly taking?

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    Default Re: weaning from SNS

    I have with both my boys. (I have a love/hate relationship with my SNS system...LOL) So it is possible. Can you try going to a smaller size tube for a few feedings and eventually getting the smaller size tubes, then when you get to that point, maybe try one feeding without the SNS...and gradually wean off the SNS?

    Let me know how it goes.

    Its hard to wean. No one wants to see baby upset and exhausted. what if you started out with the smaller size and if after a few minutes he is still upset, switch to the bigger tubes? maybe try that a few times. I feel for your situation.
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    Ahhh... love hate is right. We used it to supplement the twins, born 5 weeks early. We weaned them from it when they were about 6 weeks old, I think. It is such a blur... I would definitely get some advice from a lactation consultant. Ours had us start with the SNS and then, once the milk was flowing well and they were nursing comfortably, she had us stop the flow. We did that for a few days and then switched to the smaller tubing and did the same thing. Then we went cold turkey without it. My son was really good at getting the milk flowing, and my daughter, who was the weaker nurser, learned to wait until her brother had gotten it to let down, and then she would nurse. Shortly thereafter, she was able to nurse to "get things started." Oh, we didn't do any weaning from the SNS until I was pumping enough milk to supplement with and we didn't need any formula anymore. Best wishes to you, and great job with your little one!
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