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Thread: How much should he be eating @ 8 months?

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    Default How much should he be eating @ 8 months?

    Help! I think I'm underfeeding my baby boy! He's on Stage 2 cereals mixed with rice cereal twice a day, and breastfeeding the rest of the day. Recently, though he's started waking up at about 3AM hungry, though. (he goes to bed around 8). Am I underfeeding him? How much should I be feeding him? I don't want him to be hungry!

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    Default Re: How much should he be eating @ 8 months?

    My DD is 8 1/2 months and still feeds about 3 times a night (from bed to wake). Remember, baby is getting all the nutrition he needs from breastmilk, not solids. Just keep feeding him on demand, you can't go wrong that way!

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    Default Re: How much should he be eating @ 8 months?

    my 5 months old son nurses every 3-4 hours and eats 3 meals a day. he eats anywhere from 2 to 9 tablespoons at each meal (depends on his mood I guess ). He just started sleeping thru the night last week (from about 9-5 with no feedings). But, the pp is right...they say that breastmilk is all they NEED at this point, so do what feels right for you! good luck!

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    Default Re: How much should he be eating @ 8 months?

    I agree with PP, breastmilk is all babies need until 12 mos, so as long as he's nursing well don't worry about starving your LO If you're more worried about sleep - and there's tons of reasons an 8 month old would wake up once a night or more - you could try nursing more frequently during the evening before he goes to bed and/or offering calorie-rich foods like avocado at dinner. HTH!
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    Default Re: How much should he be eating @ 8 months?

    Is it possible he's going through a growth spurt? I know that dd's needs change during those times. Continue to feed on demand if possible and I know those nighttime feedings might be tough on you, but if he's asking for more then give it to him. Also, try more whole foods in his diet - fruits and veggies. The peds always recommend cereals but in reality whole foods and bm are all he needs and like pp said avocado is a great one!

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