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Thread: Reasons to Pump

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    Besides having to go back to work...what are some other reasons all of you Mommies pump?

    Just wanted to know

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    I have started pumping about an oz each morning...then I combine into different amounts and freeze. It is mostly for emergencies where I may not be available and DH has to feed her, or when we have an occasional date and grandma can feed her. At first I didn't know where pumping fit into our feeding scedule b/c my LO eats every hour, hour and a half or so...but if I feed her one one side first thing in the morning then she will take a quick nap and I am free to pump the other side.
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    With my dd, I pumped bc I never could get her to latch. With ds, I just pump occasionally so I can go out on a date with dh or get to go out and doing something for me once in awhile! (I also pump to send a bottle with ds in nursery at church)

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