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Thread: Eating enough....lots of spit up.....

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    Default Eating enough....lots of spit up.....

    Hey everyone -
    Well, I've made it BF-ing for 3 weeks now! I have a quick question. I seem to have a huge amount of milk being produced, and LO is really only eating for about 10 - 15 mins. on one side, and then falling asleep. I used to offer her the other side after she burped, but she would only eat for 1/2 of a minute and then spit up everywhere. So I stopped offering the other side and she has only one side every 2 hours. Our problem is she spits up for almost the entire 2 hours in between feedings.
    I just wanted to confirm that spitting up and not taking the other side at one feeding usually equals a full baby's tummy, correct? I worry that she's not getting enough.

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    Default Re: Eating enough....lots of spit up.....

    Spitting up is concerning, though most often it is more of a laundry problem than a medical problem.

    Is your baby gaining weight? Growing in length and head circumference? About how many wet and dirty diapers does she have per 24 hours? Does she seem content? Have you talked to your baby's doctor about the spitting up?

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    Default Re: Eating enough....lots of spit up.....

    My LO does the same thing, except she doesn't always even make it to 10 mins on 1 breast. This morning for example, she woke up and I let her eat as long as she wanted to, but the minute I saw signs of slowing down, I pulled her off to burp - she spit up what seemed like the everything she had taken in! I always think I overfed her when that happens, or that she doesn't know what her limit is and just overeats, but then I read that you can't overfeed a bf baby. She doesn't cry when she spits up or anything, but some times seems like she's uncomfortable trying to get out (what I think) is excess milk. Does your LO cry or seem uncomfortable after feedings? Mine gets plenty of wet/soiled diapers in a day and has good weight gain so I know she's eating enough. I just wish I could better understand how to prevent the spitting up too!

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