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Thread: ready to throw in the towel

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    Default Re: ready to throw in the towel

    Yippee!I'm so happy for you! You can be so proud of yourself for hanging in there! You've got a tough job not having your dh there as much as some of us. Keep us up on your progress

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    Smile Re: ready to throw in the towel

    Well, it's been two more days...

    We've only had to use a bottle three times in the past 48+ hours... And that was only because I had just fed her, then pumped, and she decided she was still hungry - LOL...

    My production is getting better. I can tell a major difference in my boobs. They are filling more rapidly than before. AND - I just put 12 ounces in the freezer for "date night" (like we'll have one of those for a while)!!!!!

    thank you ladies for letting me vent. this is the hardest, most important job I've ever had, and now that I'm older, I stress more than I did the first time around - KWIM?

    ANYWAY - we're keeping on keeping on.....

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    Talking Re: ready to throw in the towel

    Well, we've made it 11 weeks...

    I have to leave formula with my mom when she keeps her for an hour or two because I rarely get to pump, and I'm still struggling with depression, but other than that, we're doing great!!!

    Thanks to all you supportive ladies that helped us get through this far

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    Default Re: ready to throw in the towel

    Yay momma!


    Damon 8/5/99 Heaven 7/24/01 Jasmine 7/20/07

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    Wink Re: ready to throw in the towel

    OWW!!! Im so sorry for all your trouble. I commend you for trying
    so hard. I don't have any advice but that to stay strong and positive.
    Your child deserves the best..Good Luck

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    Don't give up! My LO was very tiny at birth and couldn't latch on for the first 5 weeks. I pumped and pumped but wasn't getting a lot that way. But whatever I pumped got mixed in with her formula and I was happy she was getting anything at all.

    Once she was strong enough, her latching improved and my supply jumped. It went down a little bit when she started sleeping through the night so we do have to give her at least one bottle of formula a day - usually she gets two - but I don't mind that so much because she nurses about 3 or 4 times a day and then gets 2 bottles of EBM. The breastmilk far outweighs the formula.

    Just remember - if you can't do 100% BFing it's okay. You're still doing something wonderful for your baby. And as your LO gets stronger, your supply will increase! Best of luck!

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    Default Re: ready to throw in the towel

    I do not have any tips but I wanted to give you a and dh a bigger for his support. I hope you find the help here you need. This is the best place for help when you can not find a LC or LLL in our area. Believe me I can not find a LLL and afford a LC and if not for these ladies and my dh I would have gone to ff weeks ago.

    I pray things get easier for you and your new baby.
    Becky ~ 33 Dh ~ 37 (my little geek of geeks)
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    Still going 14months later.

    1yr goal and save $2200 average.

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