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Thread: i can't believe i've been doing it

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    Default i can't believe i've been doing it

    I didn't know i could do it
    but its day two
    i'm back at work
    yesterday was my first day
    and i pumped yesterday and today
    i pumped at 11 am yesterday and left work at 2 (got early afternoon off)
    i pumped at 11 this morning. it is noq 2:30 and think i should pump now but don't feel comfortable using the pump having not sterilised it.
    i did wash it in the kitchen, but not with soap.
    they use industrial generic soap here and don't feel comfortable using it on my pump. i think it is the same soap they use for hand washing in the bathroom.

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    Default Re: i can't believe i've been doing it

    You can totally use the pump. I just rinse mine in HOT water b/w at work and the wash really well at home.

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