My family and I are moving to Wilmington, NC in December. I am from Manila, Philippines and I was given the opportunity by my company to work in the US. I have 200 oz of frozen breastmilk in my freezer which I am planning to ship in the US. I have contacted Fedex, DHL and UPS and they all told me that they do not ship breastmilk from Manila to US. Does anyone here know a logistics company who can help?

If I cannot ship my breastmilk, can someone advise me the best way to travel with the frozen breastmilk? I have some Coleman Chiller Brite Ice which I heard works similarly as the dry ice. Will those keep my breastmilk frozen for the more than 20 hour flight?

Also, I don't know where to store them upon our arrival. My family and I will be staying in a hotel first until we find an apartment which means I would not have my own freezer yet. Does anyone know a cold storage where I can store the milk in the meantime?

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.