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Thread: Revisiting Re-refrigerating EBM

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    Default Revisiting Re-refrigerating EBM

    When re-refrigerating ebm, is it okay to put it back in the refrigerator while it is still in the bottle? Or should I re-bag it? I was told by a friend that if the bottle is not used within an hour, it has to be tossed because of bacteria on the nipple and backwash. I guess this makes sense, but I was wondering what other people were doing about this. As I am attempting to get ds to take a bottle, I feel like I am wasting a lot of milk, even though I only measure out one ounce at a time.

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    Default Re: Revisiting Re-refrigerating EBM

    That is the rule for formula. There have not been a lot of studies on bm. However, it is thought that since bm is "living" substance (if that is the right word), it does not need to be tossed. Just use it at the next feed. Here is a link:

    Mom to Lainey (11-8-06)

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