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Thread: Microwaving Breast Milk

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    I read a post on another website as I was trying to find tips on getting my baby to take the bottle. A woman wrote that her doctor told her that there may be an enzyme in some women's bm that causes it to taste bad after it is pumped. The doctor recommended bringing the pumped milk to a boil in the microwave, until the milk is scalded, and then refrigerating it. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I am wondering if my stored bm tastes bad to ds, because when I try to give him the bottle, he spits out whatever bm that drips out into his mouth. It's strange to me that he doesn't recognize it as the same milk!

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    I know that microwaving BM breaks down the protiens in it so I wouldn't recomend it. We heat it in HOT water and baby takes it fairly well, though she prefers the breast and will only take the bottle when I am not home and she is really hungery, like when she first wakes in the morning.

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    Taste your milk to see if you have that problem. The milk will taste sour after being frozen for a couple of weeks if you have the lipase problem. I don't have it but my son always refused the bottle and spit out every bits of EBM that dripped into his mouth so it may just be a stubbornness problem on your baby's part For lipase, you can do scalding but you need to do it on stove top not the microwave. You should never microwave BM, it causes decomposition.

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