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Thread: Gassy baby and tired mommy

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    Default Gassy baby and tired mommy


    My LO had a weight loss of only one ounce from one week to another. But the Dr. was concerned about that since I said he was constantly feeding. He also hadn't had a BM for a week at that point. The Dr. checked him out, and was able to get him to poop a little while in the office, and it was not the normal poop of an EFB baby. So, he had me start offering an ounce of formula after I BF each time to get him to gain some weight. Between Tues and Fri last week, he had gained 3oz!

    So, I am supposed to continue with supplementing after I BF. I am not happy about having to offer formula, and was worried about my bm supply, so I looked up online how to increase my supply. I have been eating oatmeal and drinking a serving of caffeine a day and increased my water intake, and I believe it is working. LO starts gulping almost immediately, and has to take breaks as it seems like he will choke. He will only feed for a max of 20 mins (each side), and that is being generous with the amount of breaks he takes.
    Most of the time it is about 10-15 mins and he is falling back asleep. He goes most of the time 2 hours between feedings, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. He turns 3 wks tomorrow.

    So, he has had 1 bm since the dr's visit, and it was brown and a bit runny. (his last poop was 9/1) But, it seems like he needs to poop more, as he acts like he is trying to push some out but having no success. He farts more than anything, and I really mean, he farts A LOT! Could it be the formula that is making him that gassy? He is on Isomil soy. I have tried to limit the amount given and monitor his weight to see if he will gain without as much supplementing as the dr. had said. He gained an ounce in 1 day, with only 2 1/2 oz of formula given to him in the 24-hr time period. Shouldn't he be pooping more than he is? He alone today has had 8 wets, and each time it was not just a little wet, it was majorly wet!

    Any insight? Sorry for the novel...

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    Default Re: Gassy baby and tired mommy

    My lo was had poop in every diaper p until hw was about 3w then it went to once a day and then nothing for 3 days... But that is normal for a bf baby...his poop should be yellow and seedy.... but mixed with the formula that could change...

    I would call they dr and ask if you can stop supplementing since he is gaining weight...
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