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Thread: fresh or frozen???

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    Default fresh or frozen???

    I'm going back to work tomorrow and I do have a good freezer stash-

    I heard that the fresher the milk the better so i am now questioning whether I should use my frozen supply or I should use the milk I pumped today for tomorrow and so on and so on..

    What do you think? I hate to let the freezer milk go to waste, but if i can pump enough during the day for the next days supply- should I just do that??


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    Default Re: fresh or frozen???

    I suggest feeding fresh as much as possible, but use up the frozen stuff (and replace it), as necessary when it's about to go bad. If you end up with a lot of extra at "the end", you can donate it to a milk bank. If you're going to donate, it's worth checking it out ahead of time so you know what the requirements are.

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    Default Re: fresh or frozen???

    Why don't you use half from the freezer half fresh so that you can replace the frozen milk you used by freezing some of the newly pumped milk but give your baby some fresh milk at the same time. That way your stash won't go to waste either.

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    Default Re: fresh or frozen???

    On Mondays I use milk that was frozen over the weekend, then Tuesday LO gets what I pumped on Monday, and so on for the rest of the week. I freeze what I pump on Fridays (LO gets that the next Monday). It makes sense for us and LO only has to have frozen one day and the rest of the days fresh bmilk - refrigerated overnight.

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