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Thread: Is 10 minutes to short to nurse?

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    Default Is 10 minutes to short to nurse?

    Sometimes my baby girl will only nurse for 10 minutes. Is this enough? She seems content afterwards and will go 3 hours before wanting to nurse again. She sleeps a lot but is not lethargic and has good awake time.

    Is she just an efficient eater?

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    Default Re: Is 10 minutes to short to nurse?

    Probably efficient for sure. I hate to talk minutes as I used to be a slave of the clock in the early nursing days and used to drive myself crazy. The consensus I came to after researching this topic during that phase was this.... I found that 10m is an average length of time for a LO to empty each side. As they get older you might find that time getting even shorter.....I remember thinking "are you sure your done" can't possibly be. Yeppers.....he said I have a world to see, things to do, toys calling my name ......
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    Default Re: Is 10 minutes to short to nurse?

    It's different for each person and each baby. My babies both only nursed for 5-10 TOTAL on only one side each feeding (I don't use both breasts each feeding) and grew just fine! Is she having lots of wet diapers? Cheerful and energetic? Then everything is perfect!

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    Default Re: Is 10 minutes to short to nurse?

    My LO never nursed for than 10 minutes each side. Many times I had to work (rubbing her back, tickling her feet, etc.) to get her to go more than 7 minutes. I too tried not to be a "slave to the clock", but in the beginning that is what I did! She gained weight along the curve and the doc was never worried. She was just an efficient eater. I wouldn't worry as long as she is gaining well and has good wet diapers.
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    Default Re: Is 10 minutes to short to nurse?

    It's hard not to slave over the clock... the nurse at the hospital told me he should feed for at least 15min/side. While I was in the hospital, he did, but it was a totally different story...

    sometime getting him to go more than 5 was a struggle...then the next feeding he would go for 20min.... I just read baby to find out when he is done...
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