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Thread: please say it's not too late for me...

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    Default please say it's not too late for me...

    I got off to a rough start breastfeeding my new daughter. There was no lactation consultant on staff when my baby was born (it was the weekend) and the nurses were pushing me to bottle feed my daughter because she had jaundice. After 24 hours, I caved and started giving her bottles.

    As soon as I was discharged, I went to see an LC at my pediatrician's office. They loaned me a hospital-grade pump and suggested using that to increase my supply because they said my daughter had a weak suck reflex.

    I tried pumping for 2 weeks and was only producing 1/2 to 1 ounce of milk (that's the combined total for both breasts). I saw the LC twice more and started taking fenugreek, which I stopped because it gave me horrible gas.

    I gave up after a couple of weeks because I just couldn't keep up with the constant pumping and washing parts, and because emotionally I was about to crack - I felt like I needed to let the breastfeeding go before I could enjoy my new daughter. I felt like such a failure every time I looked at that pathetic half-ounce of pumped milk and felt like it just wasn't worth it, I was broken.

    Well, she's now 2 months old and I still haven't been able to let it go. I got out my Medela Pump in Style tonight to see if I may have any milk left and was thrilled to see a few drops from both breasts.

    Is it possible to start breastfeeding a 2-month-old baby? Now that I finally feel like I have a handle on motherhood, I'd really like to give this another try, if it's not too late. I am willing to exclusively pump if that's what it takes. Please help!

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    Default Re: please say it's not too late for me...

    I'm so sorry about all that you have had to deal with. I remember those early weeks and how emotional I was where my little one was concerned and with just about everything else...lol. I've never had to deal with your particular situation, so I am certainly not an expert but, if you saw a few drops of milk than I cannot see why you can't try. Will little one latch on, have you tried?

    Try it, if little one will, I'd say get them on the breast as often as possible to build up a supply.

    Good luck....I hope it works.

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    Default Re: please say it's not too late for me...

    It's not too late!! FYI, it's even possible to BF even if you haven't had a baby, it's call induce lactation. It does take a lot of determination to do it, so you have to be willing to take the challenge! I see fenugreek is not going to be part of the plan, but there's other types of herbs like blessed thistle and alfalfa (capsules are better) and at last resort there's meds. First you should is contact LLL, they will be able to help you better. There's going to be a lot of pumping, avoid using pacifier (pacify baby at breast), you're going to need a lot of suckling. You're going to have to keep supplementing the baby for a little bit until you can get a full milk supply to sustain your baby, try using a SNS (it's a bag that goes around your neck with a tubing that you tape on your breast which carry the supplement "formula or EBM", that way the baby gets the supplement but you still get the suckling). I'm going to send you some links, they will be of more help than me! Good luck!! and keep us post!






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