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Thread: fussy, not enough milk or just growth spurt?

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    Default fussy, not enough milk or just growth spurt?

    My almost 6 week old, for the last couple of days, has wanted to do nothing but nurse for the ENTIRE DAY. Literally, hour after hour (we're up to seven hours so far today), I have tried to put her down to sleep about ten times today, only to have her wake up after five minutes every time. B/c she has been nursing all day, my breasts are VERY soft and I wonder if there is anything in there? I wonder if she's just not content or if it's a growth spurt. I just don't know what to do...Thanks

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    Default Re: fussy, not enough milk or just growth spurt?

    Most babies go through a growth spurt at 6 weeks,so that's probably what it is.

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    Default Re: fussy, not enough milk or just growth spurt?

    Hi Christine!

    Congrats on your new baby girl! This sure sounds like a growth spurt to me, especially the constant eating and the wakefulness, and 6 weeks is prime time for it. Even if your breasts are soft, she's probably still getting something (our breasts never truly empty, though the flow may slow). Letting her nurse as often as she likes will signal your body to start making even more milk to meet her growing needs.

    Has she been gaining weight well so far? Is she making at least 5-6 wet (disposable) diapers?

    A growth spurt can be a little overwhelming and exhausting for mommy! It helps to know that it usually passes quickly. Just try to relax about your housework and things like that, snuggle up with your baby and enjoy your time together! It's also okay to take the baby to bed with you if you feel like you need some rest. Just make sure that you practice safe co-sleeping:


    Hope that helps!
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    Red face Re: fussy, not enough milk or just growth spurt?

    My 6 wk baby girl just went through a growth spurt.....it lasted about a day and a half, and she ate EVERY hour that first day. I couldn't believe it!! I felt like a machine, nothing got done that day, I sat on the couch and nursed the entire day......so give it a couple days. I'm sure she is just growing and growing.

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