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Thread: How many times should I feed/day?

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    Default How many times should I feed/day?

    I've been feeding DS in the morning and afternoon - not the evening - to check for allergies. Should he be eating a food more than this if he doesn't have an allergic reaction? He's only been on solids for 10 days. Thanks!
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    Default Re: How many times should I feed/day?

    my son is 5 months old and eats 3 meals a day. I just start new foods at breakfast or lunch, but never at dinner in case of allergy.

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    Default Re: How many times should I feed/day?

    I gave my son solids only once a day until he was 9 months old. Then until he turned 1, we did twice a day. I wouldn't recommend too many solid meals since BM is much more important until 1 and has more calories and nutrients than any other food.

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