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Thread: How to get baby to sleep w/o bf

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    DD2 (4) still has trouble falling asleep on her own, so I send DH in to read to her. He goes to bed earlier than I do, so if he falls asleep w/ DD, that's OK. You can try singing, storytelling, etc., or if you're like me and have no patience, your DH might be able to help. Hope you find something that works for you.

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    Default Re: How to get baby to sleep w/o bf

    2 hours of laying a crying baby down over and over? THAT is more patience than I have... but anytime after midnight I have NO patience. Thats why I started co-sleeping when dd was 3 mos. Just too dang tired to turn sleep into a discipline issue. But seeing her put herself to sleep with no tears now makes me feel good about my choice. It just reassures me when she can tell ME that she can put herself to sleep. While I know she can, even she doesn't believe it at 3am.. so I just take her word for it.

    As far as night weaning, I went away for a weekend and daddy took over. (I love that guy!) She still woke regularly and she new darn well that nursies were far away. In fact, before I left, she must have known I was nervous because she suddenly held my face and reassured me, "Mommy, Abbey sleep Daddy." Sweetie... She was telling me they'd be fine. And they were. But I got back and nothing had changed (1:30am, 3am, 6am). Except my husband could now fall asleep immediately.

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