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Thread: Pumping supply?

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    Default Pumping supply?

    I gave birth on 08/22. After losing my sanity with breastfeeding exclusively, my husband and I decided to start pumping so he can help out with feeding.
    I have been pumping for about 4 days now, and am wondering how much milk I should be getting with each pumping session?

    For the first two days, I was pumping plus still putting the baby to the breast. For the last two days, I pumped exclusively to see if that would help my supply.

    I do not pump during the night (which I know is not ideal).

    My first pumping session of the day, after a hot shower, produces a total of 7.5 ounces of milk (total from both breasts); that is pumping for about 30 minutes.

    My subsequent pumpings, which I do about every 2 hours, only give me about 2 oz total.

    How much should I be able to pump?

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    Default Re: Pumping supply?

    Congrats on the baby! If you are getting that much milk so quickly (in the am), that's great. You seem to be pumping fine but your body will adjust in the next few weeks depending on your LO's need/how much he eats. I would encourage you to nurse and pump any extra off due to engorgement. This would allow your body to adjust to how much your LO needs to eat. Once your milk supply is established, you can sub pumping for nursing a few times a day.

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