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Thread: Too Much Milk< Baby Vomiting

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    Unhappy Too Much Milk< Baby Vomiting

    My 2 1/2 week old has been vomiting once a day and can go two days without vomiting. I think it is because i produce too much milk. Today, my pediatrician said to try and bottlefeed, but i am depressed about this. How can i reduce my milk? I have noticed that he has only vomited after feeding from my left breast. When he feeds, he is restless and agitated, and sometimes chokes. I have tried to elevate him so that he is working against gravity, but no avail. Tonight, i don't know what to do? I pumped today, and he only drank 2-2 1/2 oz. when I pumped, i got 3-4 oz from each breast!

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    I posted to the thread in Infants, and moved it to too much milk where it will receive more replies. Please check there!

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