I certainly hope I am posting these in right places Otherwise, just give me a slap on the wrist and send me to a corner. Or perhaps e could have a fundraising events thread as well?

Anway, here it comes

Our group all the way in Scotland in UK has purchased a special LLL edition of woven wraparound Didymos to raise funds.
This is a brand new, beautiful, size 6 (4.6 m which suits most people) wraparound in two shades of blue - one size is dark blue with light blue LLL logo, and the other side is just the other way around. This wrap is worth around GBP 70 (I Believe this is around $ 130).
You can see the picture here:

If you would like to help raise us funds and at the same time have a chance to win this beautiful wrap, all you have to do is enter our competition. The rules are as follows:
You need to pay an entry fee of £1 (through Paypal to lll.raffle@googlemail.com) and answer AT LEAST ONE of the following questions:
1. What anniversary is La Leche League International celebrating this year? ………
2. What does ‘La Leche’ mean? ………………………………………………………….
3. Breastfeeding (please, finish the statement by telling why you chose to breastfeed or what it means to you or list any or as many as you want benefits.)

Here are some more details:
# This competition is for one LLL Didymos Wraparound, size 6. The competition starts on May 14th, 2006 and ends June 18th 2006.
# To enter, participant has to pay a fee of £1 per entry and answer correctly at least one question above.
# Participant can enter as many times as they wish, each entry is £1. They can answer the same question each time or choose to answer another one. Participant can pay for all entries at once (preferable with Paypal to avoid higher fees)
# One winner will be drawn from all successful entries within 7 days of competition close date. The winner will be informed by post or email. The decision is final.
# The entry fee can be paid by paypal to lll.raffle@googlemail.com or by UK Bank cheque/postal order written to LLL of Blairgowrie and sent with the entry form to the address above. If paying by Paypal, you can enter by including the answer to one of the above questions in the message of the email.

Thank you for considering this! And if you have any questions whatsoever, post them here or just send an email to lll.raffle@googlemail.com.