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Thread: Teething? Needing solids? or both.

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    Default Teething? Needing solids? or both.

    I have a 23 wk baby whom I am pretty sure is teething. Its quite hectic as she is now waking up in the middle of the night which she never used to weeks ago. Could she also be hungry? Today she woke up at 330am and drank hungrily. Should I start introducing her on solids? I am not so keen on baby rice. Whats the best thing to start her on and how much? Please help.

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    Default Re: Teething? Needing solids? or both.

    Teething is a possibility. My son was drooling for a couple of months before teeth finally came thru. It might also be a growth spurt?

    Usually babies are ready to start solids when they:
    1. have lost their tongue thrust reflex
    2. are able to sit up well without support
    3. have developed their pincer grasp

    Here's more infor on when baby's ready for solids:

    You might want to try the baby-led approach. It is not necessary to start with cereals or ground up foods.

    Here's an enjoyable and informative website for baby-led approach:

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    Default Re: Teething? Needing solids? or both.

    I am in the same boat. My daughter is 23 weeks and the last four nights has been up eating as if she is starving (never mind the OTHER sleep issues we are having). She was born 2 weeks "late" and sits up well, eats (unflavored)snow cone ice off a spoon, and can sip some water from a plastic cup (not a sippy cup). I don't want to rush things, (she is in the 100th percentile and her pediatrician said she could "wait" on solids for a bit since she is so big and thriving on breastmilk), but I don't want to starve her either.

    She takes 3- 7 ounce bottles of expressed BM while I am at work and nurses a minumum of 2 (more like 3 or 4, now) other times a day.

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