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Thread: A Baby's future healh question

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    Hello Girls,

    Im brand new here and I hope you don't mind me asking my question in your forum.. I figure you EN have a lot of wisdom.

    Anyway, I have a question but I want to share a quick story with you all.
    I have two boys, 3years and DS2 is 16 months.

    I fed DS1 for 3 days only. I found it very tough and painful and I found having a new baby home a very daunting experience and could feel myself slipping into PND so I ff him. I felt awful guilt. I work in the Health care area so I knew well the benifets.

    When I got pregnant with DS2 I was determined to Bf. I read up on it and went to a couple of classes. When I was 8 months pregnant we found out that my DH needed a triple bypass (38 years old, non smoker, low cholosterol, but family history) ASAP.

    DS2 arrived a born feeder and I was so determined to do it I met every problem/challange head on and we got on great.

    When DS2 was 6 weeks my DH has his operation.

    I fed him until 8 months.. I fed exclusivly for 6 months, then when I returned to work, just morning and night. I weaned at 8 months as we went to a good friends wedding in Italy. My parents took the boys and insisted we go for a week. We took the chance. We had been through such a horrible time and we needed "Us" time for our marriage.

    I have been reading up on the benifits of BF and cardio disease in later life. I feel so awful for not feeding DS1 at all and DS2 for such a short time. If they fall ill how will I live with myself?

    If anybody can point me towards any articles or any words to help it would be much appriciated.


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    Default Re: A Baby's future healh question

    Hi Gill! I can hear your accent through your writings and I just love it! First off, please do not feel any guilt. First and foremost GOD is in control and your wee boys will be just fine. Any breast milk at all even if just a few days is wonderful for them. We make the best decisions that we can at the time and that is all that we can do. I do not have any articles for you but hopefully others will come along with some. Many blessings and Good Health to you all!

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    I agree with Brittan. I had something similar happen with my 2 boys. The first one was challenging...and the next one, a natural feeder. I felt guilty with 2nd one too as if I did not give them both the best. The important thing is that you tried. and you made changes as you entered motherhood for the 2nd time. I was definitely more confident and felt more in control. Your first got some good disease fighting colostrum It's true...God is in control.

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    My mother has always said that no tow children have the same parents. The choices and life circumstances surrounding one child and the choices and circumstances aurrounding another will be different in so many aspects, not just bf. You can not beat yourself up over the differences. You're the best parent you can be to both your kids, the parent their individual little selves need you to be.

    Just think of the good lessons your kids will learn regarding diet and exercise, as it sounds like your dh has made good choices (smoking/cholesterol, etc.) A tough lesson, and a terrible way to learn it) but a necessary one, sometimes all the precautions in the world will not change the fate we are handed.

    I can't find any good articles, etc but hope a little support helps!
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    Hi Gill,

    It's true that any amount of breastmilk is beneficial and worthwhile.

    One thing to keep in mind is the difference between correlation and causation. (I hope I can explain what I mean here! ) For example, you can look at research studies and correlate certain health benefits from breastfeeding (reduced risks for certain diseases, etc.). But working backwards it's not possible to say that not breastfeeding, or not breastfeeding "long enough" was the actual cause of any specific health concerns later in life. There are so many factors involved in any one individual's health. There are no guarantees! We all do the best we can.

    Does this make sense at all? I hope it helps.


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    Thank you all so much, and Mary.. total sense spoken.

    I keep the boys active, feed them 3 good, healthy meals a day, fruit only for snacks and they will NEVER be allowed to smoke.. thats ZERO TOLERANCE from me. We have such a strong family history of heart disease I would do Anything to protect them.

    I do remember reading that 20 weeks of BF can help prevent later cardiac disease and
    I wish i could find it.

    Laughing, you prob can hear my accent. I write as I speak. I use an Irish Forum all the time so I forget where I am!

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    Your children are fortunate to have a mother who cares so much about their health. There are so many factors which influence a person's health that it would be unfair to single out one factor as a cause of any particular condition. My sister-in-law did not nurse her babies but has taught her children how to choose healthy foods and cook, as well as participated in active hobbies with them. I nursed both my babies 2+ years, but I don't cook much, don't have active hobbies, and have a chocolate addiction. Who's to say which children will be healthier in the long term? You are doing the best for your children; I hope you can grow to feel secure in that. Keep up the good work!

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