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Thread: Constipation?

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    My son is 5.5 mo and he has just started solids. He had rice cereal watered down with lots of BM for 5 days and was great. Two days ago I gave him a little mashed banana with BM and he hasn't poo'd since! Is this normal? He doesn't seem bothered by it and is passing gas, but I'm worried because he always used to poo at least once a day? If I back off on the cereal and bananas for a few days, will his poo return or do I need to give him water or some other fruit to help him out?

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    Bananas are a common constipater. I wouldn't worry, your breastmilk will help his system move. But, you might want to hold off on bananas for a bit.
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    PP is right. Irony at it's best as books say a perfect first food for you LO is bananas. Hmmm....my LO was immediately constipated. Same thing with apples and rice cereal. Every baby is different.....now my LO is not so little, 18months old and loves bananas....they no longer affect him the same way.
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    Really ripe pears, peaches and peas are supposed to help move things along. Pears work really well for my son, as do watermelons. Banana and rice cereal are very constipating for him too. I'd suggest you cut back on solids and breastfeed more as your bm would help baby too.
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