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Thread: low fat intake = low fat in milk?

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    Default low fat intake = low fat in milk?

    Hello fellow lactators!! I was just reading some of the posts here and it got me wondering...does the amount of fat I consume in a day really effect how much fat is in my milk? I have plenty of reserves on my body so does it really matter how much I eat, or should I be paying more attention to that. I mean, I love ice cream, and if I can use the fat intake as a reason to eat more of it, I'd be more than happy to do so!! Just curious! Thanks!

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    Default Re: low fat intake = low fat in milk?

    Fat intake would not affect the amount of fat in your milk unless you were absolutely starving yourself. However, you can affect the type of fats in your milk by the type of fats you eat.

    The only reliable way to increase the fat in breastmilk is to empty the breast more frequently. An emptier breast=fattier milk.

    This is not a LLL resource, but I think it give a good explaination:

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