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Thread: 1st day back to work tomorrow...

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    Default 1st day back to work tomorrow...

    And I'm terrified! My little girl is 8 1/2 weeks and is breastfed. We have her set up for daycare, with expressed breastmilk. My plans are to pump as frequently as possible at work, but I'm not sure about how much flexibility they will give me to do so. I work 9 hour shifts (7am-4pm) with time allowed for 2 paid 15 mn breaks, and 1 unpaid hour lunch. I work 25mns away from daycare so i can't go feed her on my lunch. I own a Medela PIS, which has been working great, we have LOTS of milk in the freezer & in the deep freeze. But I'm really worried that I'm going to be too stressed out at work to let down, I don't know if I can pump & clean up the parts in 15 mns. So on top of that concern, it worries me that if I can't express milk at work, that I might dry up. I do plan on breastfeeding her in the morning before I leave & throughout the evening as normal. Anyone have any thoughts on how to handle my employer? Is it within my rights to request that I punch off the clock at a givin time (other than my lunch) so that I can express milk?
    Thanks in advance-

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    Default Re: 1st day back to work tomorrow...

    Well, I was lucky in that I didn't go back to work til my DD was 5 months. I was pumping 3 times per day then, and getting more than she would eat.

    I don't know what kind of work you do, but if you need to pump more than 3 times, do you have any desk type work that you could lump altogether and work on that while pumping? I've gotten good at typing one handed while holding the pump in place (also have a Medela PIS).

    If you're worried about having time to clean all the parts, can you buy extras? Then you can just clean them all when you get home. I cheat a little bit and put them in the fridge to keep the milk that's in them fresh between sessions and just clean them when I get home.

    Don't be surprized if your baby stops eating so much during the day and eats more at night. That's what mine did. It was actually kind of nice because I didn't panic that I wouldn't be able to pump enough for her.

    Anyway, congratulations on the ew baby! Good luck starting back to work. It's tough but you'll get more used to it...

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    Default Re: 1st day back to work tomorrow...

    Your first few days back will be hard - you'll be finding your schedule and rhythm, for both working and pumping.

    Rinsing the pump parts between pumpings may be enough. Rinse them well, in hot water, and wash them well each evening. That will save you a few minutes.

    Pump whatever you can in your 15min. Have everything set up that morning, so that all you need to do is turn it on.

    You could try explaining to your employer what you're doing, and why it's important to you - health issues, allergies, etc - so that they'll be understanding. Explain that you'll do your best to stay within your 15min break, and that after the initial adjustment period (probably just a few days), you'll be well within that time frame.

    There are lots of old threads here on working and breastfeeding, please read them!
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    Default Re: 1st day back to work tomorrow...

    Today is my first day back as well and I am such a nervous Nancy
    My DD is 11 weeks
    The good thing is my job is pretty flexible, so I can pump when I need to
    I plan to do it 3 times while I am at work
    My main concern is day care, my mother-in-law was supposed to watch DD, but she fell ill so now I am leaving her with a cousin of the family
    I just called and no one answered
    I'm just nervous
    I am pumping, but I don't feel as though I have a good supply stored up
    I am thinking I may need to get a better pump
    When I pump, I get about 3 oz from each breast
    I know I will run out soon
    Should I try to pump more during the day?

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    Smile Re: 1st day back to work tomorrow...

    I would ask your employer to allow you to pump for the 3 times a day you need. I was worried when I went back to work about taking the time but it hasn't been a problem. Normally we are allowed one 20 minute break and one unpaid hour lunch. I told them I would need two 20 minute breaks and they said no problem. We are also provided a room to pump. (It's our first aid room but it works.) I would just relax and let them know what you need. My company is very supportive of breastfeeding (in so far as they provide rooms and the time). My biggest advice when pumping is just to relax. I bring things to read and that seems to help. Best of luck on your first day back to work. There are a lot of women in your situation.

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